Our Projects

Examples of projects we realised.

Phone application

[Winter 2018] Smartphone application potential test among consumers. 600 online interviews.

Shopping habits

[Autumn 2017] FMCG product shopping habits research for international retail chain. 2 700 face-to-face interviews in stores.

Brand health tracking

[Autumn 2017] International brand health & advertising efficiency survey for automotive goods producer. 2 000 online interviews in 5 European countries.

Shopper study

[Autumn 2017] Interviews with international retail chain in biggest Polish cities. 10 000 exit poll interviews.

Taste test

[Autumn 2017] Comparative taste test for food products producer. In home test - 300 face-to-face interviews & product test with diaries.

Product market potential

[Autumn 2017] Purchase potential & market share estimation study for food & drinks producer. 300 in-home interviews & product test with diaries.

Customers satisfaction & loyalty

[Autumn 2017] Customers satisfaction study - regular tracking for international retail chain. Regular knowledge of offer and service strengths & weaknesses. 4 500 CATI interviews per wave.

Image and competitive position

[Summer 2017] B2B image & competitive position research. Telephone (CATI) interviews among 240 business partners.

Promotional materials efficiency & optimisation

[Summer 2017] Promotional folder usage & perception B2B survey among business partners. Qualitative study (4FGI) plus 340 telephone interviews.

Complaints process

[Summer 2017] Complaints handling process survey. 2 700 CATI interviews.

NPS - satisfaction & loyalty.

[Summer 2017] Business partners satisfaction and loyalty research. 3 500 B2B telephone interviews.

Competition offer audit

[Spring 2017] Sourcing and analysis of competition offer for international retail chain. Desk research & mystery shopping.

Image and competitive position

[Spring 2017] International hypermarkets chain image study among its customers & competition customers. 3 400 face-to-face interviews across whole Poland.


[Winter 2017] In-home ethnography visits and interviews in specified cities across Poland. 80 ethnographic visits at customers' homes.

Location business potential test

[Autumn 2016] Survey of willingness to purchase at shopping centre. 600 face-to-face interviews.

Customers satisfaction survey

[Autumn 2016] Customers satisfaction survey. 120 phone (CATI) interviews.

Trade partners satisfaction

[Autumn 2016] Co-operation quality survey in beverages market. 700 face-to-face B2B interviews.

Competition Clients profiling

[Summer 2016] Profile & shopping habits of competition Clients for retail chain. 350 face-to-face interviews.


[Summer 2016] Two-stages B2B segmentation study on representative industry companies sample. Qualitative survey (6B2B FGI) plus 1 000 face-to-face B2B interviews.

Sources of purchase

[Spring 2016] Identification of shopping sources and measurement of basket changes for five beverage categories. Omnibus study on representative sample of 975 adult Poles.

Promotions efficiency

[Spring 2016] Awareness and rating of consumer promotion. 300 exit poll interviews.

Product category development barriers

[Spring 2016] Creation of video movie showing challenges related to category usage. Movie based on ethnographic visits.

Promotional materials creation

[Winter 2016] Qualitative measure of advertising folder with use of Eye Tracking technique.

NPD - new product test

[Winter 2016] New product development and potential test for FMCG producer. 160 face-to-face interviews & diaries.

Media consumption

[Autumn 2015] Media usage analysis in various regions in Poland. 400 face-to-face interviews & weekly diaries.

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